18 Hole Golf Course. 9 Residential Villages. 1 Conservancy.

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Welcome to Mount Edgecombe Country Club Estate Two, which is the larger and younger of the two golfing estates.

The Estate

Mount Edgecombe Country Club Estate comprises three entities: the Country Club, Estate One and Estate Two. Each estate has its own 18-hole golf course amidst the pristine residences in a highly secure gated complex.

Outdoor Lifestyle

The estate is a conservancy nurtured by Environmentally Protected Areas and alien vegetation control. Whether active on foot or cycling, residents enjoy outdoor family living amongst nature trails and beautiful dams.

Convenient Access

The estate is ideally located in close proximity to Umhlanga’s premium shopping malls, beautiful beaches and private schools. The N2 highway also allows for convenient travel to the airport and other destinations.


Some trivia about the estate...

The Boar’s Head: The Mount Edgecombe logo is represented by a boar’s head, which is actually the coat of arms of the 7th Earle of Mount Edgecombe (Edward Piers Edgecumbe) after whom the original Estate is named.

There are 9 Villages on Estate Two: Each village is named after a famous golf course in the States: Bellerive, Merion, Greenbrier, Quail Valley, Cherry Hills, Pinehurst, Crystal Downs, Southern Hills and Kingwood.

Southern Hills Village is the Largest: This village boasts 7 roads, 19 sectional titles and 124 houses. Kingwood Village is the smallest with 5 large beautiful homes and only 1 road.

Construction on MECCE 2 began in March 1996, with the first village of Bellerive selling out in record speed.

There are three Community Centres: one in Greenbrier Village off Copperstone Lane, one in Southern Hills Village off Columbia Crescent, and one in Crystal Downs Village off Merrick Hill.

There are several dams on the Estate, Pani Dam being the largest. It is managed by the Club.

Estate Two has its own 18-hole golf course.

Mount Edgecombe is a registered conservancy and is home to Blue Duiker, Impala, Bushbuck, Mongoose, several bird species, Nile Monitors and all kinds of other critters and creatures. One of the many reasons we have a 40KPH speed limit.

Mount Edgecombe Estate comprises 3 Entities: The Country Club, Estate One and Estate Two. Each is run by its own directors, management and staff.

MECCE 2 boasts a highly advanced Security System with guards on duty 24 hours, electrified fences and alarm system, security patrols around the perimeter fence with guard dogs, a control room which is on 24-hour alert, and high-tech cameras which pan the Estate fence.

There are three gates on Estate Two: namely Gate 4 (Montgomery Drive), Gate 5 (Contractor’s Gate) and Gate 6 (main gate).